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The "Recycle App" was born out of a genuine feeling that everyday people and organisations need to be more acutely aware of their relationship with their environment and their impact upon it.

The whole concept is about getting people real, up to date, information about reusing, reducing and recycling their waste and providing them with a united cost effective modern way to better inform them of what, where and how recycling could be made easier for them with the minimal of effort.

Benefits of using the "Recycle App"

  • Encourages users to recycle more by better informing them of what can be recycled and where based on your location in one place.
  • Items like books and clothes can be reused by taking them to lesser known locations that need them, such as schools, libraries and charitable enterprises that can more profitably use them rather than just being landfilled
  • Users are far more informed about the services and schemes that councils do offer, and the hard work that goes into government schemes that genuinely do try to make a difference
  • Tourists and visitors to the local area can also find out about waste collections and where to go for recycling rather than rely on potentially old and out of date information
  • Real time Reporting enables residents to feel engaged and take an active role in their communities, ensuring their local area is free from unnecessary waste, graffiti, dog fouling etc that bring the area down and encourage more vandalism
  • Having a genuinely useful app for residents that also acts a channel for direct communication directly improves the chances of users actually using the system, and messages being received, rather than an app that is just a messaging system

Real Cost Savings

  • The saving in paper, print and flyers that ultimately end up as waste is not only reduced to a cost of zero, so is the environmental impact
  • The time saved by front line staff dealing with disgruntled residents due to service outages, bank holiday waste collection changes and general environmental reports is a direct cost saving to the council
  • Having a single platform that provides residents with real time information that can be accessed and updated in real time saves man hours, expensive SMS systems, costly phone number hire and advertising, printing and design costs
  • The "Report It" function allows councils to directly and efficiently deal with reported issues. Having GPS and a picture of the issue greatly improves the preparation and speed of resolution greatly reducing further acts of vandalism and/or antisocial behaviour greatly reduces cost to the local area and businesses
  • Using the online back end system allows for updating postcodes, new roads, new waste collection dates, new recycle point information that filter out into the apps in residents hands at a yearly cost that is equivalent to a junior staff members monthly salary
  • The "Recycle App" reporting system allows councils to directly feed back to central government with real statistics of how many incidents have been handled, recycling statistics, the time of report to the time of resolution, and man hours spent dealing with issues greatly informs and affects how and what grants are allocated/accessible particularly Waste Performance and Efficiency Grants (WPEG)
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