screenshots Options & Integration

In addition to the features of the stand alone "Recycle App", the optional server-side integration and push notification systems turn the app into a full blown business platform, saving time and money for the local authority and providing vital real-time data telemetry.

screenshots Push Notifications

"Push Notifications" are messages sent to mobile phone directly and instantly, just like an SMS message, but without incurring network costs. They can be sent to every device on every platform with one-click of a button. (see video)

Integrated as part of a back end system, messages can be pushed out to any user with the "Recycle App" installed on their device, notifying them of a new piece of information, change of detail or important service delivery message, even if the application is NOT running.

* an SMS system costs typically £245 per 5k messages. A Push based system allows you to contact unlimited pre-targeted users FREE OF CHARGE

screenshots Server-side Integration

Remotely administer your "Recycle App", adding news stories, recycle points, and updating collection types and dates in real-time. Changes made are synchronously applied across all apps and all platforms supplying your users with consistent real-time information.

The "Report It" function feeds the reported environmental issue data in real time to a live mapping system that can be administered by authorised staff on the ground, using an in-house engineer "Recycle App". You can log-in and remotely access incident reports, use mapping and GPS to locate, gain directions and plan, report and resolve issues.

No long reports or long accountability processes and procedures. Instantly access all historical reports, logging how many incidents, minimum report to resolution time, staff reports and cost benefit analysis, all from one seamless system.

* The server-side integration is a one off cost for the whole system (5 customised apps on 3 platforms) and a £3k yearly license fee.

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