screenshots Recycle For "XYZ" - Mobile App

The "Recycle App" is a multi platform mobile application customised and branded specifically for a local authority based on the Waste and Recycling requirements in their area.

It is published, marketed and made available to residents through the iTunes store, Amazon and Google Play for FREE DOWNLOAD.

screenshots Standard Features:

  • Search collection dates by street name or post code
  • Store your home location making it quick and easy to find services relating to your area
  • Easily set a reminder for collection day and/or collection type
  • View recycle points in local area and what types of recycling they do, filter search by type of item and get directions using users actual GPS location
  • Explore recyclable items, see what types of product can be recycled and where in the local area
  • On-touch contact your Local Authority directly (call, e-mail & website)
  • Real-time first of its kind, Product Barcode scanner with council administrable information. Let you residents know what they can recycle immediately and intelligently
  • QR code scanning of waste containers for what goes in them and more importantly what doesn't. Reduce cost in recycling for the entire local authority

screenshots Optional Features & Admin Portal

  • Use camera and GPS to report location and type of environmental issue directly with orientated picture, co-ordinates (latitude and longitude) accurate to 50m, direct from the user in real-time.
  • Request a new recycling box feature communicates directly to designated employee within the council without revealing internal contact to user.
  • Local authority controlled image based adverts that load in app on first view - fully managed upload and distribution system.
  • Latest News feed direct from secure log-in where council can inform their residents of any issues, service disruptions or general news in the local area immediately without any further costs or updates
  • Push based notifications for FREE to all users on all platforms of the app in real time. No more complicated subscription systems and costly SMS messaging.
  • Remotely administrable real-time data for the apps. No more waiting for subcontractors to input council data, fully administrable system of dates, locations, collection types with multiple user levels and controls
  • System handles UPRNs, postcodes, dates, collection types, report it types - right down to what you want your users to report, all administrable in real-time for FREE

screenshots Why our solution is a "Native App" and not a web based app?

Do NOT be mislead - although web based apps are considered a cheaper alternative in the short term to native development they are cheaper for many reasons we think you should take into consideration:

  • They DO NOT WORK without a data connection at all - if the mobile coverage is less than good in your local area, your residents wont be able to use a web based app at all. That is why ours is specifically designed with a caching mechanism, all made possible because it is a native app.
  • A web based app functions slower than a native app because it is basically a web page rather than an actual programmed piece of software. You can tell by pushing a button how slow and unresponsive web based apps are in comparison to a native app and also they break when there is no connection unlike our solution
  • A web app DOES NOT have complete access to ALL device HARDWARE features unlike native apps - we can utilise a working, robust unique caching system and access to camera, GPS, compass and calling features without limitation.
  • Web based apps are just an internet link and don't feature as a 'normal' app on a device making it harder for you to market your innovation and also for your residents to find it let alone use it.
  • Our Native apps can be properly marketed, found in the actual mobile stores people are used to using enabling them to use it. Searching via the stores (iTunes or Google Play) and you WILL find your app and because they are in the stores they are also searchable via a normal search engine. Telling your residents about your app can be as simple as a tweet pointing them at iTunes on their devices!

screenshots Why our solution is right for you

Our native app truly is the Ferrari of the Smartphone world and we can offer at a great price because we have invested time and expertise, honing and improving the systems so that you don't have to.

We have worked closely with five separate councils, two city councils, to improve and fully test our systems. We have worked across two major changes of waste contract, including paid services, and at all times listened to residents and our councils alike, turning suggestions and converted real world problems into complete deliverable solutions for everybody at a great price and most importantly, in TIME!

There are no hidden costs, per user licences, complicated set-ups or upgrade cycles associated with our solution at all. All of our fees are upfront and transparent so you will always know where you stand making managing your budget even easier

Some good reasons to consider a "Recycle App" for your needs:

  • There is a ONE OFF system cost to deploy - there are no hidden or unexpected costs. No costly upgrade cycles, maintenance contracts, per user licences or paywalls.
  • Super EASY deployment of the whole system across iTunes, Google Play and the Amazon Store complete with actual council data with a super fast turnaround*.
  • System allows council FULL CONTROL and ownership over their own data, allows you to easily update your own data in real-time for NO EXTRA COST (All other solutions still need updating with new data - this is the twofold expense most councils do not take into consideration.)
  • Our system is genuinely useful it is NOT a niche product - They are the culmination of almost six years experience of LIVE real-time usage for over 500,000 residents and 20+ council employees.
  • Complete bug tracking and support system and continual improvement cycle which means that you only pay ONCE to benefit from updates and improvements, all provided by us as part of the one off system cost.
  • There is NO COMPLICATED software to install - our fully integrated admin portal system can be used from any machine without any headaches or calls to an IT department.
  • Compared to other web-based solutions or a bespoke solution - our systems are FASTER, CHEAPER AND BETTER in both the long and the short term and will save your local authority TIME and MONEY not to mention all the associated business planning nightmares.
  • You WONT need to upgrade it, you WONT pay to update it, you WONT risk it FAILING.
  • All councils benefit from the SHARED pool of marketing the app and shared systems such as the barcoding system

Just check our press and reviews from real residents and, if you feel like it, actually download an app and try it for yourself!

So why reinvent the wheel when you don't need to?

* The faster we receive your data (of good quality) the faster we can deploy the system - average complete solution published in 30 days