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The Recycle App

Q. What platform/s is the Recycle App available?
A. Currently Apple iOS, Google Android & Amazons Kindle Fire & above

Q. Are you planning on releasing the Recycle App on other platforms?
A. Yes if the demand for a platform is there we will develop for it

Q. Whats the difference with your solution compared to other similar solutions on offer?
A. Our solution is and always will be built natively for each platform ensuring the best quality experience. We do not build Web Apps like some "Development companies". We will always take advantage of building for native platforms as we have direct unrestricted access to all the hardware available. Thats why our solution is smooth and not laggy in its performance compared with others similar solutions. And to be extra confident in our solution we would say there really isn't a more complete solution than ours

Q. Whats a web app?
A. In short a web app is really just a group of html pages/buttons linked together in the same way as a webpage is constructed however it is contained or more appropriately wrapped as an app to allow it to function in the app ecosystem. Making a web app really doesn't require any or much programming knowledge to build. Don't get caught out paying the earth for effectively a webpage with a few buttons that link to static content that you already have and own

Q. Should I care?
A. You should care what your users will think when they experience a sub par UI and user experience. Web apps mostly require a regular connection to the web for content so if your user is in a out of service area the app will be rendered next to useless

Q. Does the Recycle App connect to the internet?
A. The Recycle App very cleverly connects to the internet on first launch to grab any data that is waiting to be requested by it. The data is then cached (Stored on the device locally) and for all subsequent requests i.e revisiting a view after the first time its loaded. So the answer is YES it does but its not dependant on it to function. If the user is in an out of service area it doesn't matter as the data is always read from the local cache (If it exists) and always will do so unless some important information is updated by the council then it will reconnect and re-store the new data locally but ONLY when/if it needs to

Q. What happens if I am not connected to the internet?
A. The Recycle App will check for a connection each time it loads. If it has a connection it will download the data and store it i.e if its a first launch or the datas changed. If it doesn't it wont update until you do have a connection either over WIFI or Cellular Data networks. You will always be notified in the Recycle App if you are NOT connected to the internet with either WIFI or Cellular Data networks

Q. How much of Recycle App will eat my data plan?
A. As mentioned above the app always works from its local cache of the data and is only requested once on first app launch or if data in a view has changed by the council. Once it has the new data the process is the same as before i.e run from local cache. And because we are using really tiny textual data even if the app requested the data every time its really so small that you wouldn't notice it and it certainly wouldn't effect your data plan in any conceivable way

Q. What format is the data sent to the Recycle App over the internet?
A. JSON (Java Script Object Notation) for its light weight implementation and its super fast data parsing

Q. How much does it cost to download the Recycle App?
A. Nothing it's absolutely FREE and always will be to the user

Q. Does the Recycle App work on Tablets?
A. YES iPad, Android Tablets and the mentioned Kindle Fire & above

Q. Do you offer Recycle App for any Local Authority?
A. YES if the Local Authority is interested in our solution we will customise it (I.e upload the specific data the app needs for that specific council/region)

Q. I can't download the Recycle App from the app stores?
A. Make sure you are signed in to each of the respective stores i.e the Apple App Store or Google Play using your details you used to register and more importantly make sure you are connected to the internet either WIFI or Cellular Data networks before attempting to do so

Q. Who funds the development of the Recycle App?
A. Although the Recycle App is free to the user the Local Authority pays for the development of their app and any ongoing annual admin/hosting and support contract

Q. Who's idea is the Recycle App?
A. The Recycle App is and will always be marketed as created and designed by my-mo and is ONLY maintained on behalf of the respective council. The Recycle App should NEVER be marketed as solely the idea of the Local Authority

Q. The Recycle App will not load what can I do?
A. In the very rare circumstance that the initial data synchronisation is corrupted please delete the app and re-download it from the respective app stores and all should be fine

Q. Data for a particular view is not loading what can I do?
A. Go to More Information>App Settings>Remove cached data and try again (Making sure you are connected to the internet with either WIFI or Cellular Data networks)

Q. How many Councils have a Recycle App?
A. So far Southampton City Council, Ashford Borough Council & Maidstone Borough Council

Q. How long does it take to implement the solution for a Council?
A. Once we have your data the total turnaround is no longer than 1 month. This time also INCLUDES the app review time for iOS and Amazon submissions which is typically no longer than 2 weeks which is half of this total turnaround time. Android is normally no longer than 24hrs however in reality its released within a couple of hours of submission

Q. What data do you require from the Council to make this work?
A. We send you a checklist of the required info that we need to implement parts of the app. Typically this includes Waste and Recycling Collection types, Street and Postcode data, Optional UPRN (Unique Property Reference Numbers) and day of the week collections for each postcode and interval of collection i.e weekly/biweekly (Our system programatically calculates the dates based on the collection day and the mentioned repeated interval of collection) Recycle Points and associated accepted/not accepted materials for recycling or waste. List of collected/not collected items. I.e Plastic Bottles but not Tops as they are made from another plastic not currently collected as an example. Report it types i.e Abandoned Vehicles, Graffiti etc.(The amount of Report It types is completely unlimited) Council Contact information i.e Phone Number, Email & Website address (URL) and a council High Res Transparent logo

Q. What format do you require the data?
A. We can work with most common data types from database exports including but not limited to XML, JSON, CSV & XLS & or variants

Q. Can you interface with our CRM and other systems?
A. Firstly we would ask what the benefit this would bring and if its deemed necessary and the solution provides a documented API (Application Programming Interface) we can take a look for you but this will no doubt involve further development costs that we would need to discuss and agree with your further. Once you have seen the backend solution it will become clear why councils have already chosen not to interface putting you back in control of your data. And after all this is about the Recycle App everything else you will receive as part of the package is a bonus to having it in terms of its administration and ongoing management

Q. Whats the Recycle App Backend (Server side)?
A. This is the portal developed for each Local authority that houses all the data that is manageable and sent to the app over the internet. This includes all of the options specific to a council including but not limited to the above. The Recycle App backend doesn't just house the data that is sent to the Recycle App its also the portal that houses all of the requests and reports from its residents i.e. Missed collections, Join a Scheme, Lost or Stolen containers, Collection date errors & Assisted collections. It also houses all the Report it's that are sent by the user to the council for resolution

Q. Who owns the Recycle App & Backend (Server side) code?
A. The code used to develop the App & backend is and ALWAYS will be the absolute property of my-mo. A Local Authority will NEVER own the code that is used to make the backend or apps function. However the Local Authority owns the data that resides on the system i.e reports including images, collection data and resident specific data as an example

Q. How is it licensed?
A. Its not licensed to a Local Authority perse. The council will pay a one off development cost for the complete system and an annual admin/hosting and support contract for a minimum of 2 years

Q. Who administers the Recycle App backend?
A. After implementation the Local Authority is responsible for maintaining the information stored in all the databases using our very intuitive system. However if you need assistance we are happy to help

Q. What is the naming convention to be used for the app and backend?
A. "Recycle for XXXX" i.e Recycle for Southampton

Q. Can the app name be altered or negotiated?
A. NO we will ONLY release the app under this convention we cannot name it i.e. "Southamptons' recycling App" or "Recycling in Southampton" as a couple of examples

Q. Can we remove or move the my-mo references from the app?
A. NO. In the same way you wouldn't expect to buy a new car to claim that it was made by yourself. Just like you we need to advertise our services and any references to my-mo will be non intrusive and minimal throughout

Q. Can we change the recycle logo?
A. NO. In keeping with WRAP guidelines we cannot modify or use obscure colours or out of proportion resizing etc.

Q. Is the Recycle App backend secure from intrusion?
A. We use industry standard encryption and will always use 3 level authentication Username, Password & unique Pin (This is non negotiable) Never share your login credentials with colleagues and certainly not with anyone outside of the Local Authority

Q. Do you backup the Recycle App backend data?
A. YES we perform an automated weekly backup of the data per council

Q. Who do we contact if we need help?
A. Please visit the support page for your local authority for all contact information

Q. What are Push Notifications?
A. Push notifications are a form of instant messaging that "Pushes" out a limited data payload (Message and other characteristics like alert sound and badge count) to registered devices that are signed up to receive pushes from a respective Push Notification provider or service i.e. APNS (Apples Push Notification Service)

Q. How much does the Push Notifications service cost?
A. Sending push notifications is completely FREE however as part of the annual server contract this is included as a small cost for the convenience of having it developed for you to use as an instant messaging system unlike EXPENSIVE SMS messaging systems

Q. What are the Push Notification limits?
A. You can only send textual data and depending on the Push Notification provider each has its own character limit. Typically you can send up to XXX characters to form a large enough message to target your user base

Q. Can you receive Push Notifications whilst offline? (Not connected to the internet)
A. YES. However they are reliant on having a data connection of some sort either a WIFI or Cellular Data network to receive the Push at some point in time. However if the device is offline at the time a Push is sent and becomes back online it will get the Push once the device says "Hey I' am now available" Unfortunately unlike text messages if you were to send another push not long after the first one and the first message wasn't received on some devices due to being to them being offline this new message will overwrite the old one and the old message will never be sent to those few devices. This is the only real drawback but for a practically FREE service who can complain?

Q. Do you know how many devices received the Push message?
A. YES absolutely the database of registered devices is always up to date and managed automatically by the Push Notifications Feedback Service

Q. What will I use the Push Notifications for?
A. You can use the Push Notification system to message all users of your app from the backend with a service message i.e service disruption due to bad weather or to send out a News Story about any subject the council wants to draw the users attention to

Q. Whats this advert campaign built within the app?
A. From the Recycle App backend you can choose to upload a image advert and optional associated website URL to target market a council solution or service. This advert is only ever shown on app launch so that its non intrusive to the user experience

Q. Can we advertise 3rd party services?
A. NO. This should only be used to advertise the above mentioned campaigns within a Local Authority. You must never charge a 3rd party a fee for using this function or service

Q. Who owns the barcoding data?
A. This data is community led and is provided for the benefit of the user. All barcoding data submitted by each local authority signed up to the Recycle App solution instantly shares this verified data between councils however this data is and will always be owned by my-mo. My-mo will have a complete and final say in what it chooses to do with this data including but not limited to future paywalled barcoding data APIs or the like for other services

Q. Whats the QR generation/reader within the Recycle App & backend for?
A. This was designed around the concept that a council can generate linked waste or recycling containers with accepted/not accepted materials so that a user can scan a QR attached to a container to find out what items can go inside it for collection without ever having to think about it. That doesn't mean to say you cant use the generated QR on other marketing material to educate your residents about what is accepted/not accepted in each container type. I.e on your website or physical marketing material such as flyers and adverts etc

Q. Does the QR reader work on all QR codes?
A. NO. Only those generated for the reading of waste or recycling containers from the Recycle App backend

Q. Whats required for generating QR codes?
A. Always use and leave attached without modification the powered by my-mo logo on the base of the generated QR codes. QR codes need to be a minimum of XXX in size and a maximum of XXX