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General Information

Welcome to the user guide of the "Recycle App". Here you will find a complete guide of how to get the most out of your "Recycle App" and the features it offers.

We have designed the app to be as user friendly as possible however if you are new to smartphones or just in need of more information this guide will tell you how to use the app to the fullest extent and how to troubleshoot any issues you may have.


First find the relevant version for your local authority by searching your appropriate online app store for your device. For iPhone/iPad/iPod users this will be the iTunes store, for Android users this will be Google Play and for our Amazon Kindle users this will be the Amazon stores.

Once found on the store, it is usually as simple as clicking on the purchase button to install the app onto your device. Download speeds will vary but the app itself isn't very big so it shouldn't take too long to download.

On this website in the downloads section, you can also find a direct link to the stores for you to download the app to your device.

Removing App from your device

Should you want to or need to you can uninstall the app from your device simply by following the usual procedure for removing apps on your device.

Main Menu

Running your "Recycle App" for the first time

Running the app from any device is as simple as tapping on the apps icon that will have been placed on your devices main menu screen.

For Amazon Kindle users you can find and run the app from the "App" menu on your device and then tapping the icon listed.

When the app first loads it will either display the advert if is has been activated, or it will just skip straight to the main menu.


  1. Waste Collection Dates
  2. Set Collection Reminders
  3. Manage Containers
  4. Recycle Points
  5. Recyclable Items
  6. Product Scanner/QR code reader
  7. Report It
  8. Latest News
  9. More Information
  10. Advert Window

The "Recycle App" - Main Menu

To access the relevant option listed on the left just tap the list item and it will pop into your view.

For devices with smaller screens you can scroll the entire list by holding your finger down and dragging the view

To navigate backwards, simply tap the Back Button button at any time.

ANDROID ONLY - for devices with a hardware menu key ONLY (Samsung Galaxy etc) you can access a menu on the main menu screen that has other options such as settings and an "exit" option.

*Please note some features may not be enabled on your version of the app due to what options your council may/may not have enabled, they also might be displayed in a slightly different order

Menu Features

Waste Collection Dates

Waste Collection Dates

This feature allows you to find your waste and recycling collection dates directly from your council. It also helps you find out what collections are available from your council, whether they are paid for collection, the fee and makes it super easy to join an opt in scheme your council are running.

Your collection types are updated and remotely administrable by your council in real-time so you should always have in the know about your local area.

Choosing a Collection Type

Collection Type List

"Collection types" are shown in alphabetical order - simply tap to choose one

To refresh* the list simply press the Refresh Button button which will contact the server for the latest content. (requires a valid data connection)

On iPhone/iPad varieties the refresh function is accessed by dragging the list in a downwards motion known as a 'pull-to-refresh'

Finding your location

Location Search

Displayed in the top bar is the currently selected "Collection type"

You can use the search bar by typing in an address or postcode - the list will automatically filter as you type.

To scroll drag your finger across your device

To select an appropriate location tap on it to display the Address Information View

ANDROID ONLY - use the Order Button button to order list by postcode or address

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Set Collection Reminders

Set Collection Reminders

This option allows you to set a single* date and time alarm reminder using your smartphone customised to the exact time you want it and what type of collection it is.

When the alarm goes off you will be notified by a sound, a textual description of the reminder and a vibration (depending on device capability). This should enabled you to never again forget to put your bin out on the right day!

*There are no multiple date reminders due to iOS limitations and also to stop unwanted 'nagging' from the app itself - putting you in charge of what notifications you want and when.

Choosing a Date & Time

Set Reminder Jog Wheel

By dragging a wheel with your finger you can select the date and exact time you want to use for your reminder.

The wheel will automatically update stopping you from adding a reminder in the past.

When loading from the "Dates View" the wheel will be preset to the time and date you have selected

Setting a Reminder

Set Reminder Buttons

Simply touch the "Set Reminder" button to set a reminder - The text in the middle of the view will change to display at what date and time your reminder is set for.

To clear any set reminders simply touch the "Clear Reminder" button.

Reminders previously set in the past will be automatically removed and reset as the view loads

Choosing a reminder type

Reminder Pop-up Type Menu

Using the Type Button button you can select from a popup drop down enabling you to set a specific collection type reminder.

Your choice will be reflected at the bottom of the screen.

By default the first collection type is pre-selected

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Manage Containers

Manage Containers

This feature enables you to fill in quick forms to send* to your council directly in real time, notifying them of any issue you are facing regarding your recycling & waste collections

*requires a valid internet connection

Join a scheme

Tap to easily join a waste scheme from your device using a form

Your Council Website

Tap to inform your council of any lost or stolen waste containers that need replacing using a form

Email your council

Tap to send information regarding missed waste collections using a form

Your Council Website

Tap to register for assisted collections for residents with greater needs using a form

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Recycle Points

Recycle Points

This feature allows you to view real-time map of "Recycling & Waste Points" with-in your local area and filter by type and materials.

The locations are updated and remotely administrable by your council in real-time so you will never not be in the know about your local area.

Choosing a Recycle Point

Map Pin

You can tap any one of the coloured pin icons Pin Button to toggle displaying that type of point.


    Drag map to scroll and zoom in/out using Zoom Button buttons or use "pinch gesture"

    Tap on a map pin Pin Button to popup an info bubble.

    To view the Recycle Point Information Screen tap on the Arrow Button button

Although map points are cached in the app you will still need a valid data connection to see the Google Map™ tiles

Bottom Bar
  • Left - Displays current map filtering setting (All is default).
  • Right - Distance to the selected point from your current location is shown in kms

Filtering points by type of material they accept

Filter Menu

Tapping the Filter Button button brings up the Filter popup menu.

A type is selected when its associated icon appears with a tick and the other items are faded

You can toggle the filter by tapping the material icon. Only one type can be selected at a time.

*iPhone/iPad/iPod - the menu appears as a screen not a popup however the functionality is the same

Further options


News Story

Using the hard menu button (some devices) in the "Recycle Point" view brings the options "Map Options", "Reset","Refresh"

  • "Map Options" - pops up options menu
  • "Reset" - Resets the map to its default position and clears filters
  • "Refresh" - grabs the latest point data from our servers
News Story

"Traffic" - sets map to default street mode

"Satellite" - sets the map to satellite imagery mode

"My Location" - moves the map and adds a marker for your current location

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Recyclable Items

Recyclable Items

A useful animated interactive guide to what materials are recycled in your local area and where.

Browse items by *scrolling and dragging. Tap items to find out more information about them and see where they can be taken nearby.

*iPhone/iPad/iPod animations vary visually slightly from this guide, however using them is the same

Animation Views

Linear Swipe
Linear View

Swipe left or right or hold and drag to scroll items

Rotating Wheel
Rotate View

Drag to rotate left or right

Carousel View

Hold and drag to rotate items

Changing how items are displayed

Popup Items Select

Simply press the Anim Button button.

Using the pop-up menu tap to select how you would like the items to be displayed

The popup can be cancelled using your devices back button or tapping outside of the popup window

Tapping on an item

Popup Items Select

Tapping on an item will bring up a popup which will provide you with more information

To view a map of the places in your local area that recycle that material tap the "See Map" button

For further information about the map see recycle points

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Report It to your local council

Report It!

This feature allows you to report real-time environmental reports directly to your council using the hardware capabilities of your smartphone.

You can help your local council save time, resources, effort and money by helping them be directly informed of real-time issues that can then be dealt with efficiently and accurately.

By taking a picture, time-stamping it and tagging its GPS co-ordinates, accurate reports can be send off directly to your council via our easy to use interface.

The types of report that you can create are remotely administrable by your council in real-time so they will vary by local authority.

Choosing what to report

Report it types

"Report It" types are displayed alphabetically - choose a type that matches the issue you are reporting by simply tapping on it

To refresh* the list simply press the Refresh Button button which will contact the server for the latest content. (requires a valid data connection)

On iPhone/iPad varieties the refresh function is accessed by dragging the list in a downwards motion known as a 'pull-to-refresh'

Creating a report

Report It - Options

Here you can see your chosen "Report It" type displayed - this will affect the form you fill in later so make sure it is appropriate for the image you are about to take

  • "Take a Photo" - use the Take a picture Button button to bring up your camera view.
  • "Choose a photo" - to load a picture from your phones picture gallery press the View Album Button button.
  • "Report It!" - once a picture has been processed press the Proceed Button to proceed to the appropriate form
Picture Processing

When a picture is taken with the app your current location is stamped into the file and this is used to reverse geo-code your location to the nearest usable address location. This is displayed in the bottom of the screen along with the approximate accuracy.

When choosing a picture it has to have already been taken with the app and stamped with the location data otherwise it cannot be used.

When using the "Report It" feature your devices location features must be enabled to accurately tag the image. A-GPS and network location are supported. GPS only fixes will take time to fix if starting from cold please be patient.

ANDROID ONLY - The camera can be temperamental at times due to differences in devices and known bugs, if you get a blank view in the camera view the camera feature on your phone has crashed and rebooting your device will fix the problem (Please note this isn't a bug in the app).

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Product Materials Barcode Scanner

Product Scanner and QR Reader

The "Product Scanner" feature allows you to scan products to find out the materials they are made from aiding in correctly recycling. We were the first company to implement this system in the world and our user driven databases have grown to almost 160,000 products.

To check out more information about our barcoding systems and check and submit household products online see our barcoding page.

The app also features a QR scanner to scan custom created codes that can be placed on waste containers, bins etc to tell you exactly what your council expects you to place in them.

This feature requires a valid data connection to check records with our servers

Scanning a Product/QR code

Scan View
Camera View

To bring up the barcode scanner camera view simply tap the Scan Button / Scan QR Button button.

Move the barcode or QR code into your camera view and hold your device steady.

Once a valid scan is processed by the device the camera view will automatically close.

For help on scanning tap the "Help" button in the view.

The "cancel" button will abort the scan. In the case of the "Product Scanner" the cancel button will bring up the Manual Barcode entry window.

For better scanning results make sure you have sufficient light, are holding at a good distance and not too close or far away and try to hold your device as steady as you can.

The Product Scan Result

Once a result is found the materials and whether or not they are recycled or accepted by your council are displayed as shown with the material text at the bottom and a coloured logo.

Product Scan Result
Product Materials

The logos are displayed as shown with the material text at the bottom and a coloured background.

  • Black - not recycled or accepted at all.
  • Green - widely recycled and accepted by your council.
  • Blue - recyclable but not accepted by your council currently.
Product Scan Result
Product Information

Here you can see the product information retrieved from our online database systems.

Listed are the products numerical barcode followed by its quantity and size

In the white "Product Name" field the name of the product is listed with manufacturer etc.

At the bottom the materials related to the product (upto three) are selected.

Adding a product

If the "Product Scan" is unsuccessful in returning a result, in other words the product hasnt been added to our systems, you then have the option of submitting the product to our systems for verification. The whole system is based on global user driven content so your effort submitting a product will help residents all over the country that are on our system, not just within your local area.

Submit Product Info
Submitting Product Information
  1. Product Name - tap on the "Product Name:" field to input text. Please include the manufacturer details and a size (if appropriate) such as "Tesco's Orange Juice 1L" for example.
  2. Packaging Materials - use the drop down selectors at the bottom of the screen to select up-to three materials your product is made from. You can select mixed for plastic wrapping and other non recyclable materials.

Once all the details are filled in and you are satisfied - press the Submit Button button to submit your data to us.

The QR scan result

QR codes or Quick Response Codes are two dimensional barcodes that can store textual information, such as URLs, phone numbers etc. We have designed a system for the councils so that they can create QR codes that contain information about what materials are accepted or not accepted in particular waste containers. we felt this would be extremely useful for residents to take the guess work out of recycling and some of the sorting work done by recycling plants in sifting out incorrectly places materials saving time and effort all round.

QR Scan Result QR Scan Info QR Buttons
Getting a result

If the QR scan returns a valid result you will see the QR image displayed.

You will also see the container type it relates to and how many materials are accepted into your container

this information is remotely administrable by your council and will vary by local authority area.

Materials List

You can scroll the information window by dragging it with your finger

Here you can see the material and specific information regarding this material, such as colour, state etc

this information is remotely administrable by your council and will vary by local authority area.

Other Buttons

You can use the "Email copy of QR" button to email yourself a copy of the QR image and information so you can print it out and place it on your fridge for example saving you from scanning in the rain/snow/wind etc!

ANDROID ONLY - The camera can be temperamental at times due to differences in devices and known bugs, if you get a blank view in the camera view the camera feature on your phone has crashed and rebooting your device will fix the problem (Please note this isn't a bug in the app).

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Latest News

Latest News

This feature allows you to view real-time news articles published directly from your council. They can be stories about whats going on the local area, how to use your bins, council offers or just general recycling advice.

The articles are updated and remotely administrable by your council in real-time so you will never not be in the know about your local area.

Choosing a News Story

News List

Articles are shown in reverse date order - choose an article to read by tapping on it

To refresh* the list simply press the Refresh Button button which will contact the server for the latest content. (requires a valid data connection)

On iPhone/iPad varieties the refresh function is accessed by dragging the list in a downwards motion known as a 'pull-to-refresh'

Reading a News Story

News Story

The article will be clearly laid out inside a scrollable view that will adjust to the size of the published article.

To scroll drag your finger across your device

Any weblinks, phone numbers and email addresses appearing in the text can be used seemlessly by tapping the highlighted link on your device

New articles when published can be 'pushed' to your device by your council - to enable notifications use the application settings in the app (or Notifications manager on iPhones)

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More Information - Contact your council

More Information

This option allows you to make direct calls to your council from your device, email a query or browse their relevant website from the app

It also enables you to change settings and see information about us the developers (and get in touch if you need to)

More from your Council

Call your council

Tap to make a direct voice call from your device

*requires a valid mobile carrier service

Email your council

Tap to send an email from your device

*if using a device with a valid email account

Your Council Website

Tap to view your councils website from your device

*requires a valid internet connection

More Information

Application Settings

Tap to change your application settings - including clearing images, cached files, stored locations, reminders, push notification on/off and personal information.

Contact Developer

Tap to bring up developer information screen which lists your application version number which is useful to check if you are not sure what version you are using.

This option also enables you to contact developer via phone, email or browse our main site.

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Sub Menus

These are further options that are reached within the app from some of the features listed above

Waste Collections - Types

Address Information View

Here all the dates are shown for your particular type of collection and address. You can set this point as your home location so that you dont have to filter your address on the collections addres list view again. Home location can also be cleared in this view or by using the application settings

You can also report "Collection Errors" directly to your council using this view and set an automatic reminder for the next collection date either the night before or in the morning of the collection taking the hassle out of manually adding them yourself in the "Set Reminder" view.

Viewing Collection dates

Collection Dates

Here you can see the name of the location and its postcode (Useful for roads with multiple postcodes).

The list of dates is shown in a scrollable table in chronological order

Just drag your finger over the dates list table to scroll

*the dates shown will vary by location and collection types as these are set dynamically by your council in real time

Option Buttons

Address Options
  • Set Reminder! - this button will bring up a pop-up with the Set Reminder option for either the night before or the morning of your next collection date
  • Set Home - you can save/clear a "Home Location" so that you dont have to find it in lists everytime you go into the app using this button.
  • Report Error - using the forms in the app you can tell the council about an error you have spotted.

Changing Year

iPhone/iPad/iPod ONLY

To change the year you are viewing simply tap the "Year" button and select the year you wish to see

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Recycle Points

Recycle Point Information Screen

This screen displays the information regarding a "Recycle Point" when accessed via the map such as address, website, email an indication of the materials accepted and processed at this point.

Location & Contact Information

Recycling Point Information

  • PLACE - This is the name of the "Recycling Point".
  • ADDRESS - lists the known location of your chosen point.
  • WEB - (if set) will display a link to the relevant website accessible by touching the highlighted text.
  • EMAIL - (if set) will display an email address for the point accessible by touching the highlighted text.

*the details listed will vary by location as these are dynamic properties that are editable by your council in real time

Accepted Materials

Accepted Materials
  • YES - Materials that are accepted by your chosen point will be displayed with a tick
  • NO - Materials that are NOT accepted by your chosen point will be faded and unticked

*the materials accepted will vary by location as these are dynamically set by your council in real time

More Information

To see more information about your chosen "Recycling Point" (opening/closing times etc) simply tap the Info Button button which will display this information in a pop-up.

*this only applies to points with more information otherwise the info button will not appear on the screen

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Date Error Reporting - Submit Manage Containers - Submit Report it - Submit

Submitting data via the app

When submitting requests to the council, the app sometimes requires you to fill in your personal details to send off along with the request to the council.

This information is designed to be as small a data set as is useful for somebody within the council to deal with your request and communicate back to you if necessary.

for more information see our privacy policy - your data is never shared with any third parties or anybody outside of the council

Who are you?

User Forms

The form is designed to remember your details* so that you only ever need to fill these in once, rather than everytime you submit a request

Fields that are marked required must be filled in to proceed

Please use a valid active email account as this is the main source of contact the officers in the councils will use and if not active you may not receive updates on your query.

* "Clear cache" in application settings will clear your personal information from the app

Depending on where you have come from in the app and the type of request, the form will have different elements to fill in before submitting.

This will usually be a mandatory field to enter more information about your request.

Container Type Selector (Join/Stolen/Missed)

Container Type Selector

Use your finger to drag the wheel to the appropriate waste container that is relevant to your query.

*Container types are set up via your council and will vary depending on your location

Reason Field (Assisted/Report It/Date Error)

Reason Field

Date Error - please fill in a why you think there is a date error (sources etc)

Assisted Collection - please fill in a reason you need assistance (surgical operation, disability etc)

Report It - please pay attention to the information above the reason field. This will inform you of what specific data the council will need to effectively process your query. (abandoned vehicle make,colour and registration, private land etc)

*Report it types are set up via your council and will vary depending on your location

Sending off your request

Once you have filled out all the required information for your request simply tap the Send Button button to complete.

You will need a valid data connection, either via wi-fi or using your mobile networks data plan (3g/4g) to send the request to our servers.

The app wil handle the response and tell you what has happened to your request, whether its been received or not.

If using the "Report It" feature and the server responds with image too large - please lower the quality settings on your devices camera and retake another picture. This should be automatically handled by the app in most cases, however the odd device may experience this issue

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Application Settings

Application Settings

Here you can adjust your personal settings and clear any personal information and other data from the app.

You can also toggle the push notifications systems on or off to enable you to receive up to the minute information directly from your council

Adjusting your settings

Application Settings

Simply use the Clear Button button to remove the data associated with that particular option.

"Clear cache" will delete all the cache files your app has stored for offline usage. Sometimes this option can be useful to fix issues between updates

Clearing pictures will remove any and all pictures that have been taken with the Report it feature. Once these are deleted they cannot be restored.

Use the On Button / Off Button button to toggle receiving Push Notifications with your app. Turning them off will mean that you will NOT receive instant messages from your council regarding local issues and problems.

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Contact Developer

Contact Developer

This option is where you can view your application version number and it also includes options to contact us or browse our main website using your internet connection.

Checking your version number

Set Reminder Jog Wheel

The version number is useful when contacting us about the app so we can better help you.

It is also useful when using our or using our online bug tracker to put in the version number you are using.

Contacting Us

Set Reminder Jog Wheel

The button options are fairly self explanatory - click the relevant button to email us, call us directly or browse* our website

*Browsing requires a valid internet connection and/or a valid data plan

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Other Views

These are further views that feature in the "Recycle App's"

Advert Window

Advert Window

The app allows for the council to post advertisements in the form of images to your device. They will only be shown on app launch and can keep you informed of what's going on in your local area and/or how the council are performing.

To close the advert simply push the "Close" button

If there is a website location (URL) for more information regarding the advert you can use the "WWW" button at the top of the screen to navigate your device to it.

You will need a valid data connection for this feature.

Only the council themselves can post these FREE adverts as it is a closed system for them. You will not get adverts for companies, products and other services etc.

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